Now It´s Fun Being A Senior.

Many older people feel that lifes meaning loses some of its essence as they go on pension.If at the same time one is a widow,divorced or single,then it gets even more apparent.I didn´t want to end in that trap.When I went on pension last year from my job,I decided that I wanted to meet new people.I joined many senior clubs,started to play petanque and joined a literature club.It´s all been fun and invigorating.The only thing missing was some lovely ladies in the right age bracket.Those that I met,were either married,not interested in me,or not my type.

I seriously decided to place an ad. in a newspaper,when I heard about Senior-Contact.Com.


I acted fast and put up a profile with pictures.Then i indulged myself into the online dating univers.I have discovered that it pays to be meticulous with ones profile text.When one describes what kind of women one would like to meet,and what her interests should be,then one has a better chance of meeting the right one.It´s important to be selective about ones profile picture,as it is first impressions that often count.I hired a professional photographer to take black and white pictures of me,in order to give the right impression of me as a man through the images.


It might be that I´m slightly spoilt in relationship to the women that I have met in my life.I have been married twice,with two beautiful and loving women.I got divorced from the first one,because I didn´t know how to prioritise her above my career.I learnt the lesson from that experience,and got married to a wonderful women,who I spent 29 years with.After a year of her fighting a cancer Illness,I lost the love of my life.That´s now four years ago,and I´m now ready to have a new women in my life.


I haven´t met a women yet where it just gelled 100% from the beginning.I have though met some lovely souls,where there are lots of great things to speak about.It´s not just superficial conversations,we have lots of serious and rich issues to speak about;and there is lots of great humour involved.We have more than 100 years of combined experiences to draw from in our conversations.It´s really great to be on the Senior-Contact.Com site.


I´m sure that my dream love is out there waiting for me.Just need a bit more patience,then I´m sure it´s going to happen.


Best Wishes


Jack Robertson 63 years.


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