Pulsating Heartbeat At First Glance.

When I decided to put my profile on Senior-Contact.Com,I didn´t quite know what to expect.I thought of course that I would meet my dream date;a lovely man,who I could spend my retired years with.There is of course nothing guranteed in this world.


I quickly got contact with several men,and enjoyed writing with them.The dating site was great at connecting people who have the same interests.All the guys I was writing with,were all good candidates for a date.


It was a certain gentleman who caught my attention.A pensioned pilot,who had been a widower for some years.He was a couple of years older than I,and we both had a passion for crime novels and Hitchcock movies.Also we enjoyed traveling to see and examine european cities.In the latter example,he had an advantage to me,in relationship to his previous job as a pilot.We used to discuss these issues alot in the beginning,but as time went, we started to discuss more and more personal issues.My interest in him became deeper and deeper,and when he after a while suggested that we should have a real date,I felt ready.


We planned our date so that we should meet at a cafe and drink coffee and talk.Later we could then go out and eat at a good restaurant,if we felt like it.I really looked forward to meeting up,but I was also very nervous.What now if he didn´t like my looks,or if I found him repulsive.


It wasn´t necessary to be worried.From the moment my date walked in the cafe,I was bought.What a guy.He had the right aura.He was masculine,mature and well groomed.He was slim,good looking,had silvery grey hair,and warm brown eyes.I simply had a racing heart at once.I could see in his eyes,that he liked what he saw.


We had our coffee and started talking.Time flew and I could feel that I got more and more attracted to him.The most fantastic thing was,that I could feel that he felt the same way.We continued at the restaurant walking arm in arm,and had a lovely dinner and enjoyed some great wines.


When the evening became night,we headed for my place.All evening had been an adventure,so it was natural that we should be together.I knew that my dream to meet the ”one and only”had been fulfilled.


Since our first date,we have spent as much time together as possible.We have been on weekend trips and short city breaks.We have enjoyed eachothers company to the fullest.Just a message to all you seniors out there who are sitting alone;just get on with creating a profile on Senior-Contact.Com.There is no doubt an interesting partner waiting for you there,just establish a profile to be seen.


Good Luck With Life


Jane Fitzgerald.


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