Make Your Dating Safe.

Online dating has become a huge success,and is a new platform for socialising,love meetings,networking etc.The large activity on Senior–Contact.Com tell us,that there is a great demand.A social need to find an environment,where one can escape ones loneliness,and get to know other people, and most of all to meet a partner.


As the dating site increases in popularity,there is a slight chance of meeting devious characters.People who spoil the medium for others,and who cheat,deceive and exploit.There are a few ideas for protection which we will share with you.


Always choose a dating site which you have confidence in.If you choose Senior-Contact.Com,you can rest assured that you are on a very safe site,where we protect your interests and personal information.


Dating Is Not About Money


Dating is never about money,so just keep it in

your pocket.If a date wants you to lend them money or in any way force you to part with it,then it´s time to opt out.You can be quite sure that it has nothing to do with love.Love is free,and something one gives from ones heart.


Check Out Your Date


A way to get to know something about your date,is to check out their pictures.Do they have a picture gallery,if so,then examine it.You´ll be surprised how much one can read from a collection of pictures.It´s a good indicator,that tells you whether a person is introverted,or a family person,a good friend,happy and with humour.If your date doesn´t have any gallery,then ask them to show you some other pictures f.ex by mail.



Protect Yourself


Never write all your personal informations about yourself on the profile.Don´t write your full name,national insurance nr.,mail address,work address or other info, that can be linked to you.Don´t hand out info. before you have become well acquainted with the person.A serious and trustworthy person would never ask you for this information,just as much as they don´t want to share that information about themselves.End the contact!


Share Your Plans


In connection with the first date,it´s good to have an allied person.We advise that you tell your dating plans to someone you have faith in.Share the info about their name,,and where you are meeting up.This is all for you to feel safe.It´s very rare that something happens,so it´s just to make you comfortable with the whole event.



Generally, just use your common sense when you start online dating.Sometimes this might not be the case, especially when one is embroiled in the love adventure,with the butterflies hovering around.


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