Show Your Best Character.

There is no doubt that you´ll increase your chances of creating awarenes about your profile on the disabily site,if you load up a good picture of yourself.Many feel that it is easier to contact  a stranger when one knows how the person looks.Many people only look for profiles with a picture attached.It can be challenging sometimes to find the picture that you want to upload to the site.Following are some suggestions,which could help you select the ideal picture of you.



Smile At The Photographer


It is important that you have eye contact with the camera.You should look at ease,smile and be in a happy mood with the person photgraphing you.You should radiate joyfulness and a positive vibe.Who wants to contact a person who looks sour,angry or introverted.


Accentuate The Best


Have a good friend take a lot of pictures of you with a digital camera.Speak to them about how these picutures should be taken and look.All people have beautiful traits,and it is about accentuating these.It´s irrelevant whether your profile picture shows you in full figure, a segement of your face is suitable.

Most important, is that you look lovely on the picture.With a digital camera, you just snap several images.When you have a good selection of images,then view them, and select the ones that you are happy with.You can also choose to let a professional photographer take the pictures, here the same rules apply.



Look Well Groomed


Before you start taking pictures,make shure that you look well groomed and presentable.If your hair is messy,then wash it and set it beautifully.If you are a women,then maybe you want to put a bit of makeup on.You can f.ex. accentuate your beautiful eyes.if you are a man,then check that you dont´ have protruding hairs sticking out from you nose or ears. If you have  beard,make shure no crumbs are in it.Your clothes should as a minimum be neat and tidy.At least the clothes you can see on the picture.Sauce marks are ”no go”. Its´ not attractive either with parsley or other debris between your teeth,so summing it up, make sure that you check your looks in the mirrow before the pictures are taken of you.



It´s Primarily About You


Your profile picture should represent you.If you feel more at ease by choosing a picture showing you in the company of other people or your pets,then make sure that you are in focus, and that the others are in the background.The first impressions should represent you and nothing else.It is you that have to be portrayed as an interesting partner subject,not your cat our granddad.




Are You A Women


Appear feminine,smiling and flirt with the camera.Be aware of what you are radiating.Most men like to see a sweet happy women,who looks comfortable with herself.



Are You A Man


You should appear as an interestng and dignified man.Show confidence and look happy and relaxed.Portray that you are in control, without expressing that you need to own the whole world.Most women like a man who rests in himself,is positive and has a smile in his eyes.



For Everybody



Only place recent pictures of yourself on your profile.Those from your confirmation, or when you were a 1 year old toddler, belong in your family album.It´s you as you look today that is interesting.



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