Sex Via Dating.

To find”the one and only” is not what all users of dating sites are looking for.Several sites advertise as being places where people can go and find users wanting uncommitted sex.Some encourage it,and you can find people also on Senior-Contact.Com wishing this.


Don´t be surprised if you are asked whether you want to participate in this on Senior-Contact.Com.Don´t get offended,or disturbed by this.You can see it as a compliment.If you don´t want it because you are looking for a long term relationship, you can just politely decline.Maybe you want to try it,and see where it leads to.


Lovely To Be Admired


For some it´s important to still feel attractive and enticing.Judith 59 explains:I have been alone for 7 years,after getting divorced from my husband.Even though I´m not as young and sculpted as before,I still need the feeling of being attractive and desired.I still have sexual needs,and it´s nice to feel that men still get turned on by me.


The good thing about Senior-Contact.Com is, that it is mature men that contact me,and not young ones that are just checking the ”old maid”.At my age,it´s more important with the compassion and feeling of intimacy,than it was when I was younger.All the men I have dated, have all been gentlemen,kind and caring.I enjoy that alot.When we both know that it´s not a steady relationship we are cultivating,then we can relax and be a little more ourselves.I´m not trying to live up to being a dream lady,I´m just enjoying it.



Before I started engaging in these erotic adventures,I was slightly sceptical.I was scared of feeling cheap and desperate.All these fears were unnecessary.I´m happy anyway that I tried it,and as long as I´m happy with it,I´ll continue.This is my little personal secret!



Attraction Of The Uncommitted.


Research shows that many users go further than flirting with a contact.That also is the case at Senior-Contact.Com.There are many reasons for this.For many it´s the lure of the unknown that attracts.The opportunity for closeness,warmth and release.Many get turned on by the excitement of the adventure.The hunt,or the fact of being chased and wanted;this can spark an adrenalin rush for many,raising the pulse and heart beat.




Breath Deeply


Finally I just want to play devils advocate.There are also risks involved in uncommitted sex.Firstly:breath deeply,and feel whether you want to be intimate with the person at hand.If not,then stop the process and contact.Make clear arrangements about the process,that allows you to opt out if you are not comfortable with the situation,and don´t want to go all the way.Finally: Protect yourself!If both of you have changing partners,then be aware of STI.



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