Before The First Date.

On Senior-Contact.Com you have good opportunities to be contacted,and also for you to discover positive,nice and inspiring profiles of the other users. When that happens there is something to build on.You can spend some enjoyable hours chatting to others,and finding out whether you have common interests etc. When you have been writing for some time and it`s ”swinging”,then there is a good foundation to arrange for the first date.


Speak On The Phone First


It´s all ways best if you have spoken to your date first before you are to meet up.In this way a voice is identified with the person,and they don`t seem so much as strangers.If you want to be extra careful when you are to speak with your date, then you could get a call card for a mobile/cell phone,and in that way the person at the other end, would not be able to trace you through any directory services.If the conversation doesn`t work out positively,or you feel insecure about your meeting,then you know that the person is not able to trace you via your phone.


First Date Should Be In A Neutral Location


Never arrange the first date at your house.Meet in a public location,where there are other people.At a cafe,bar or nice restaurant.Somewhere where it`s nice and relaxed to lead a conversation.We recommend that you wait for awhile,until you have acquainted yourself with the person,before you invite them home.It`s simply there to protect yourself.Most people are honest and reliable,but unfortunately there are characters that are devious and want to spoil it for others.


Stay Grounded!


If you have been writing with someone for awhile,then highly likely your exspectations will rise.Maybe you have even started to dream that you could share a life together.If that`s the case,then it`s probably getting to the time,where you need to meet up.On the first date,it quickly becomes evident whether you are suited for eachother.If there is no spark between you,or if it`s only one of you


that wants to continue,then it`s best to stop the contact.There is no reason to postpone the disappointment.



Be Honest With Yourself!


When you meet a date the first time,be honest with your feelings.Stick to your values and don`t try to change yourself.Be natural,relax! and just put in your mind,that both of you are there to get to know eachother, and to have a good time.Through your profile,your date has been able to gather an image of who you are,and that in turn has prompted them to want to meet you.Just enjoy the event,smile and be positive.



Patience Is a Virtue


Just remember that patience is a virtue.If the first date was not a success,then there are lots of other fish in the pond.Don`t get disillusioned,as you have acquired more insight.It will give you a stronger sense of direction,as to what you are looking for as an ideal,next time around.When truth is to be said,it doesn´t happen that often that one is successful on ones first attempt.That´s how it is in reality,and also online on Senior-Contact.Com.


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