Help The Right One To Come To Your Profile.

If you are slightly older and you have lost your partner for one or the other reason,then there is still many chances to meet a new friend or partner.Someone you can share your golden years with.That you choose to have a profile on Senoir-Contact.Com,is without doubt the reason for meeting the ”right one”.Therefore all the good reason to make your profile as interesting and catching as possible.


Your personal profile should contain four elements.A title,a username,a picture,and a profile text about yourself.It`s a promotion of yourself,to create interest and to make contact.Be meticulous about the content.It pays in the long run,so please follow our guidelines.


The Title Must Be Catchy


The first thing a user on Senior-Contact.Com sees when he/she opens your profile,is your title.That`s why it`s important that your title and appearance is catchy and enticing.The title should portray the interesting aspects of you,and why you are worth checking out.


Your Username Should Be Unique


Your username is synonymous with you.

This is what gives the first impression of you,and the character of your person.Don`t choose a name that sends the wrong signals.F.ex.portraying you as a dull person,when you are a bright personality looking for adventure and a lively person.You should find a username that signals something good and original,a personal name that says something positive about you.The name should also be easy to remember.



The Profile Image Should Match!


Your profile image on Senior-Contact.Com should match your present looks.It should be a profile picture that accentuates your finest sides.The image should show how you are as a person.If you like to travel,it could be from one of your journeys,or if you are sociable, it could be with friends or family.If you have children or grandchildren,it could be an image of you with them.That immediately indicates that your family are an important part of your life.



Important Profile Text!


The most important aspect on Senior-Contact.Com,is your profile text.This is where your dream date gets to know you,and wants to meet up with you.It`s often difficult to decribe yourself,as it`s about describing relevant information and your main characteristics.You can seek advice from friends and family.Ask them to give you pointers,on what they think are some of the positive traits that characterise you.Ask them to be positive and truthful in their evaluation,that`s what the potential date is going to be influenced by.



Når du skal fremhæve dine positive sider, så giv eksempler på dem. En du superdygtig til at lave mad, så fortæl evt. om de lækre gastronomiske oplevelser, der er i vente. Er du fantastisk god til et håndværk, så fortæl kort om den gamle bil, du måske har sat i stand. Altså kom med konkrete eksempler på dine ekspertiser i stedet for blot at nævne dem overfladisk. Du skal heller ikke bare sige: ”Jeg kan lide at have det sjovt”. Hvem kan ikke det? Kom i stedet med et eksempel på, hvad du synes er sjovt – om det er at se en gammel film, gå i teater eller læse en munter bog.


When you are to portray your positive sides,then show some examples.If you are good at preparing food,then tell about the wonderful dishes that await.If you are a good crafts person,then tell about the vintage car that you have refurbished.Bring specific examples of your feats,and don`t just explain superficially.Don`t just say,that I like having fun.Who doesn`t!Bring forth concrete examples of f.ex.,that you like to watch old comedy movies,or that you like going to theatre…maybe that you like to read a hilarious book!


It`s important to be honest.It´s foolish to lie!.It could lead to disappointments for yourself and your potential partner.This also relates to what you are looking for on Senior-Contact.Com.Tell exactly what you are looking for.If it´s a partner,or a good travel companion/friend,then indicate that clearly in the profile text.



Practical Advice


Use the spell check on your computer,it weeds out the worst spelling and grammatical errors.



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