He Never Turned Up.

I´m a 64 year old lady,and would like to share an experience with other people on Senior-Contact.Com.I have had a profile online for some time,and have met a nice man there.We started writing to eachother 3-4 months ago.He is slightly older than I,and has been alone for some years.We have really enjoyed writing to eachother.We have been in the comfort of our homes,relaxing with a glass of wine,and sharing the days experiences.


As we started to get more acquianted,the wish to meet face to face grew.About a month ago we decided that it should happen.We planned it meticulously.We both wanted to meet in a neutral location,so we booked two rooms in a lovely hotel in South Florida,and looked forward to having a glorious dinner.


In the preceeding days leading to our meeting,I carefully planned what I was going to put on.I went to the hairdressers and had a facial.I really spoilt myself.On the day,I left early so that I would be in good time,and so that I could stop on the way and drink a cup of coffee.When I arrived at the hotel,I was shown to my room,where I relaxed for awhile.Changed clothes and went down to the restaurant.We had decided to meet down in the restaurant,as to give the whole event a slight sense of suspense.


And that was just what happened.Time dragged on.My date never turned up! First I had a aperitif,and whilst waiting for John, I thought to myself:what was holding him up.A half hour went,then an hour.I was getting slightly irritated by the situation.I thought maybe he had changed his mind,if that was the case then at least he could have given me a call to cancel.


After waiting for one and a half hours,I decided to swallow my pride,and give him a call.Nobody answered the phone.It just went to the answering machine.I got really angry.Anyway I did eat some of the lovely food,and had a few glasses of wine more than usual.I felt slightly scorned.I called again,but no answer!


Finally I went up to my room,read a little and went to bed.Next morning,after I had been downstairs to eat breakfast,I suddenly received a call on my mobile/cell phone. I didn´t know the number.I answered the phone.It was a young man,that presented himself as Pete,Johns son.He excused his dads absence,as his father the day before had been taken ill,with a mild heart attack.He had been taken so quickly by the ambulance,that he hadn´t arranged to take his phone along.He had been so shocked and disturbed,that he was not in a state of mind, to find your nr.through directories from his hospital bed.


It suddenly put the whole event into another perspective.I thanked him many times,and was informed by him,at which hospital ward his father was admitted to.I drove straight there to visit him.It wasn´t exactly a dream start to a date,as we had imagined.I can tell you that John recovered from the episode.We have now arranged a new date at the same hotel, with dinner for two,in two months time.


Best Wishes


Teressa Sanderson




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