She Should Be Elegant And Presentable.

I´m really happy to have my profile on Senior-Contact.Com.In the beginning I thought that it was too modern for me,and that not many people of my age would have a profile on there.I made a mistake in my analysis.I have already been on lots of profiles,and have lost count.


The good thing about the site it that I can see images of the ladies,before I contact them.I have always been aware of my appearance.Even though i´m 72,appearance is always something that I have taken seriously.I´m always well dressed and freshly shaven.In the same fashion,I´m only attracted to a women who adheres to the same fashion as I,of being presentable and well groomed.


Back in the day I had my own mens clothes shop,and naturally I had to be presentable.My wife,who I lost 15 years ago,was a beautiful women,who would never leave the house unless she was presentable and well groomed.


When I write to women,I quickly sense whether they are pleasant and interesting to be with.Whether they are good at listening,or are bright and quick at answering,and good at participating in a conversation.I listen to their interests,where they like to go on vacation,and which books they like to read.In writing I don`t get an impression of how they look.That´s why I use the picture gallery to get an impression.


My grandchild has installed skype on my computer,and I have met a women on Senior-Contact.Com,who knows how to use that medium.We have skyped a few times and that is very entertaining.The lady lives far away from here,so it´s not that easy to meet up.On skype we can speak face to face,even though it´s a slightly digital version of the real thing.It gives the impression that one is in direct contact with eachother.


I have had many lovely moments at home in front of my computer,with a glass of wine,and some relaxing music in the background,whilst I have been speaking to some lovely ladies.I have also had some nice dates with women.It´s been great getting out and chatting up some lovely ladies.We have had dinner at some restaurants,been to some art galleries,and been to hear music at the concert hall.


I haven´t found the ”one and only” yet.I´m pretty choosy,but that´s not the fault of the ladies or´m well and full of life,hopefully for many more years,so I hope that i´m going to fall deeply in love one more time.




Richard Petersen



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