Our First Date Was A Success.

I´m so happy that I created a profile on Senior-Contact.Com.Through my profile I have got in contact with some lovely ladies.It´s also interesting that through the site I have been able to find kindred spirits,who are interested in old fashioned theatre.


I have been involved in amateur dramatics for a long time,as far back as I can think.It´s what is called a niche hobby,but it has an important place in my life.On Senior-Contact.Com,I have been able to get contact with people who have the similar interest.


A little peculiar for the dating site,is that I got in contact with a couple of men.It was not because they were interested in my profile,it was because they were amateur actors like I,and were interested in amateur dramatics,They wanted to share their interest and passion for theatre with me.There were some lovely ladies,and especially one.


She´s called Angela and such a beauty.She is bright,fast,cheeky,intelligent and into theatre.Life is great!.It turned out even better,after we had been writing for some time,she then agreed to go out on a date with me.We went to have some lovely food at a restaurant.


I dressed up smart for our first date.I really made and issue of looking great,to make a good first impression on her.I was happy that I made the effort,because when I met her at the restaurant,she radiated being a fine lady,elegant,beautiful,and with a natural poise about her.Our first date was a success.We talked alot,flirted,and shared a good sense of humour.There was so much to speak about,and it was magic to sit there and feel the buzz and butterflies.It was joyful.I hadn´t tried that for many years.


Even though I could feel that Angela was a good actress,I could feel that she was not acting on our date.Not at all,as she wanted to meet up again.Since then we have spent many lovely hours in eachothers company.We live quite far apart from eachother,but we alternate staying at our respective houses.During the summer we played in a local theatre show,and now we are in the process of writing a script for a theatre show,that we would like to stage.It´s going to be in the context of a group actors,that we have met on Senior-Contact.Com.


Best Regards


James Smith



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