I Felt Young Again.

At the age of 62,it had been many years ago that I last went looking for a partner.I was previously married,and then 8 years ago I got divorced.Life had become routine and boring.In my social circles I couldn´t find a partner that I found suitable.I started to become desperate;where was I going to find a lovely lady to spoil and pamper?I discovered that I could find her on Senior-Contact.Com.It´s easy,practical and a cosy place to look.It´s fun and life inspiring.Senior-Contact.Com is a magical place to meet mature singles wishing to start a new relationship.


I quickly got in contact with different women.They all seemed full of life,sweet and inspiring.On their pictures I could see that life had played their mark,but that was irrelevant, as they were women who looked after themselves.They were nice looking and attractive.


So far so good.How should one approach getting a date?I started to chat to the women about all sorts of topics.Education,job,men,children,sorrows and joys.All kinds of things we discussed.In that way I got contact with a special lady.I needed to make a date with her.As an ex military man,I rolled forward the charm canons.It worked,and Patricia which is her name,said thanks to my request..That´s how I got a date with her.


We met at a cosy restaurant,where I had reserved a table.I had arranged that Patricia would be picked up by a taxi on my account.Thats just courtesy.I bought some flowers to take along,showing my gentleman manners.


It was a wonderful evening.I felt my manhood coming forth.Patricia was just glorious.She was a gorgeous women in all her presence.Sweet,lovely,and funny.A lady with ”attitude”.If she didn´t agree with me,she didn´t hold back venting her thoughts.I think she enjoyed our word games.As the evening progressed we discovered that we had alot in common.Relating to family issues;we found out that we were a good match.She was a widow,with three grown sons,daughters in law,and grandchildren.I don´t have any kids,and that´s my great sorrow.


Our great similar passion was to travel to Mexico.As the evening drew to a close,I was invited for a ”night cap” at her house.I couldn´t decline that offer.We went home to her flat and talked and talked most of the night.I left in the early morning.I kept my gentleman manners.We decided to meet up a couple of days later,and that became another success.That continued for another couple of months,until we discovered that we might as well move in together.Patricia has now moved into my house,and women that she is;has already put her presence into the interior design of our home.It needed it.We have now planned our first travels together.We are traveling around France for four weeks next summer.


If you are a senior,single and still full of life energy,then put a profile up on Senior-Contact.Com.It works!


Best Wishes


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