My Daughter Got Me Going.

I would like to tell you about my experiences on Senior-Contact.Com.It´s only a few months ago that I set up and account on Senior.-Contact.Com.I heard about the site from my daughter who thought that it was something for me.


Now that I see my retirement age coming up in a few years time,I thought that something was missing in my life.I have been alone for many years,but for some reason it seems more lonely now.My daugther has left the nest,and established her own family.She needs space for that , and I don´t want to burden her too much,relating to her attention on me.I think that this has been a motivating factor in my signing up to the site, in order to find a partner.


Newspaper advertisements are not for me.Socialising in community activities is not for me either,so therefore there is not much chance of finding a partner in those environments.So!it was my daugther who introduced me to the Senior-Contact.Com.I felt that it was really something to try out .


It has been a total eye opener!In the beginning I spent lots of time at home online chatting with different men.It was a totally new experience sitting at home in front of my computer flirting with men I didn´t know.It was kind of an adrenalin kick.In the beginning i kept it to myself, that I was dating online.As time went on,I opened up, and started telling it to some of my close friends,what I was doing on Senior-Contact.Com.


In the beginning they didn´t understand that this was something for me.They thought that I was able to meet a nice man in other ways.Perhaps,but why should I.I feel that this method is perfect.I can go online when it fits into my program.I can choose who I want to engage with,at least from the contacts that I get.I don´t have to get engaged in alot of social activities in order to meet a man ”out on the town”.In this way on Senior-Contact.Com,I decide what happens,and when it takes place


When,where and how I meet a potential partner. I don´t quite know.Until now I have met two nice men.We have met a couple of times,and it has been enjoyable.There has been lots to speak about,and I must admit,that non of them have stirred my heart to any great lengths. I´m sure non of them are my new partner.It doesn´t matter,as long as it is fun..


I have spent lots of fun hours on Senior-Contact.Com,and i ´ll continue enjoying being courted by gorgeous men online.The ”right” one will probably turn up at a certain time.


Best Wishes


Karen 59 years .


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