The Alive Old Accountant.

My life as a pensioner has completely changed beyond my expectations.After a long life as an accountant in large firm,I went on pension last spring.I thought that I was going to enjoy my garden,go fishing with friends,play cards,and watch football in the weekends.Just doing the things I wanted to do.



I wanted to try something new,so I made a profile on Senior-Contact.Com.One of my friends has tried that ,and had recommended the medium very positively to me.I just had to get used to it,and that happened fast.I must say that my life has taken a U-turn since then.


I have always focused 100% on my work.I sat in a respected managerial job,which took most of my time.I divorced 20 years ago,and my ex. and I have never had children,therefore I didn´t have others to shed my attention on,As a consequence of that I haven´t had much of a social life.I have been a bit of a loner,even though I have never viewed myself in this way.


Life has now been brought back into the old accountant.I´m not exactly a casanova,but my life here in the mature years has really taken a boost.I´m now dating several women.It´s a new situation,and very refreshing.I know how to treat a women.A women should be treated with respect and courtesy.My ladies like that.One can reflect on the notion,whether it´s wrong to date several women at the same time.That´s what I´m doing .I have some years of loneliness that I need to catch up on,and I do tell the ladies, that I also have other women friends.That gives them the option whether they want to continue dating me,or whether they want to opt out.Until now,only one women has stopped the contact on that ”note”.


I think that it´s a pleasure dating beautiful women.We go for nice dinners at restaurants,also visit museums or go for drives to the sea.To my great surprise some of these ladies are up for kissing,hugging and even love making.There are not many obstacles laid here.It´s great when men and women in their mature age,still are turned onto wanting to have sex.It´s my experience that most of the these partners feel that it would be a waist not engage in this,as long as ”we are still here”.


A famous writer once wrote.Remember to love while you still dare-remember to live while you are doing it.

Best Wishes


Peter Sanderson



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