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I live in Iowa and have done so most of my life.It´s far between the residencies here in this part of the state,and I have now been alone for 17 years;and it does get lonely here in the long cold nights.I became a widow at 44 and spent the first years after that supporting my children as they grew into adulthood.I work as a child nursery teacher in town,so therefore I do meet alot of people.I have many nice colleagues,friends and family.It´s been the intimate relationship with a man that has been lacking in recent years.I had an encounter a few years back,but that didn´t go anywhere.We were too different in our approaches and views on life.


The none night when I was surfing online,I came across Senior-Contact.Com.I thought that the concept sounded very good.The notion of being able to meet people of both genders,and naturally the fact of being able to look for a life partner that one has something in common with.I just threw myself into it,and It has been fantastic.After some time I started to get contact from several men,who wanted to get to know me.


After some time I decided to meet up with one of them.In the days leading up to the date,I was really nervous.I also thought.What can go wrong?I haven´t promised anybody anything,not even myself.We met in a public space,so that there would be lots of people present.I turned out that lots of my fears were without reason.I had some really great dates.The guys were very different in character.I had no problem communicating with them.It didn´t click with a couple of guys from the beginning,but we still had some great evenings chatting and sharing experiences.When we said goodbye,we agreed that we were not partner potential for eachother,but that we still could keep contact with eachother as friends.


The third guy I was to meet was of another character.My heart took an extra leap when I met him in reality.He was a big stout man.Very charming with beautiful grey hair and a beard.He was a really big bear of a man,whom one can tuck into.I first meeting just galloped along,and it ended up by us going to his house.I´ve never tried that before.An old lady like me.But what a night! And what a man!Now I believe in the old proverb:He/she who waits,all good things shall come to.Now! here in my mature years,I have met my man for life.


Best Regards.


The 61 Year Old Lady In Love”


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