46 year old man from 10001 New York City
  • Height 6' 10"
  • Weight 168 lbs
  • Body Common
  • Drinking habits Occasionally
  • Eye color Brown
  • Hair Black
  • Career Construction
  • Smoking habits Non-smoker
  • Status Single
  • Appearance Common
  • First meeting Kiss
  • Humor I'm super fun
  • Address Travel
  • Cohabitation Single
  • Number of children 0
  • Children None

I am looking for Friend

  • I am looking for Women 
  • AgeFrom 40 - 60 Year
  • Height From - 12' 11"
  • Weight
  • Body Not specified
  • Drinking habits Not specified
  • Eye color Not specified
  • Hair Not specified
  • Career Not specified
  • Smoking habits Not specified
  • Status Not specified

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Thanks you for stopping by and taking time to read my profile.Photo itself alone doesn't show man's personality but it is his word, language , the way of his talking,manner and body-language that shows his personality.I'm easy going, level headed, like to think I'm somewhat intelligent, I can be trusted, I'm reliable, honest and sincere.I love to make people laugh! I'm caring, considerate, kind, affectionate, loving, helpful, dependable, intelligent, passionate , romantic with good sense of humor . I have no time or desire to play games with any truthful lady and do not tolerate games also. I like the outdoors if it's not broiling outside!I'd love to find a woman who'll appreciate being appreciated and appreciate me in return. I don't narrow my preferences down to any "type" of woman because one never knows who their soulmate could be and what "type" they may be. I'd hate to find out in the great beyond that the timid little woman I met down here and blew off would've made me as happy as I could've ever been...

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